Below you will find some of my most frequently asked questions:

Q: How many children can you paint in an hour?
A: It depends on the event, I have painted up  to 200 children in 21/2 hours, small designs only. For a birthday party I paint less children and take more time with the design, so it varies. Call me about your event.

Q:  How do you keep things clean?
A: I use a different sponge for each child.
      I use a brush wash that is a soap,  added to the water specially made for face painting.
      I change the water as often as I can.
      I refuse to paint children that appear to be sick or have open sores or rashes.

Q:  What are your designs?
A:   I have many designs, I usually bring a design board for the children to pick from, this keeps things moving in terms of time. I will also create designs as I am painting - it's all about being creative!

Q : Do you bring your own equipment?
A: Yes, I usually bring my own table and chair for myself and the child I'm painting. I also bring a design board,  and a sun umbrella for out door events so as the children and I will be more comfortable.I can use you table and chairs if you prefer.

Q : What are the products you use?
A: I use only High quality products 'Mehron' . It is very important to use only paints and sparkles that are meant for face painting. Although Fantasy face painting only uses the highest quality products , we will not take any responsibility for any allergic reactions . This is the responsibility of the Guardian/ parents.

Q:  Will you travel out side of Ottawa, Ontario?
A:  Yes I love to travel , so where ever you need me I'll be there!

Q : Are you Insured?
A:  Yes.

Please call if you have any other questions, I look forward to hearing from you!